Identify and source relevant knowledge resources and networks

This assignment will help you get your knowledge network started. You will start working on this Assignment during Module 2. It will hopefully become a document that you can add to over the years. You can develop your knowledge network on a computer, in a notebook or in a file. To start your knowledge network we ask you to do the following:

First step:

Write down the list of questions you are investigating and why you are investigating them. You should have done this, with your groups, in Module 2.

Section A: Organisations as knowledge resources

Identify and contact at least 3 organisation (they could be NGO’s, research institutions or government departments) that you think could help you with your change project. One of these organisations has to be a government department. Document the following in your knowledge network document:
a) Contact details of organisation
b) How you know about them
c) Who you spoke to at the organisation
d) Approximately 5 lines describing what the organisation focuses on and how they can help you.
e) A paragraph summerising the conversation(s) you had with them and what information they gave you.

Section B: People as knowledge resources

Contact and speak to at least 3 people who work in your area and 2 people from regional/national government or a CMA (if you have one) that you think could provide you with useful information. The best thing to do would be to speak to people from the organisations you identified above. Remember to also ask these people for useful documents and internet sites.

Document the following in your knowledge network document:
a) Name and contact details of the person
b) Organisation that the person works for
c) Approximately 5 lines describing what the focus of their work is and how they can help you
d) A paragraph summerising the conversation you had with them and what information they gave you (this may include information that will help you in developing your learning resource or information of other people that you could contact and speak to.
e) Make a note of any documents they gave you or internet sites they recommended to you.

Section C: Written documents as knowledge resources.

Find at least 5 written documents/learning resources that will help you with your questions. (These can be documents that you found on the internet, newspaper articles, magazine articles or resources that were given to you). The best way to start identifying documents would be to ask the people you have spoken to for interesting documents. Document the following in your knowledge network document;
a) Name of resource
b) Author
c) A paragraph describing what the booklet is about and why it is useful.

Section D: Internet sites

Identify at least 5 websites that you think will be useful. The best thing to do would be to start with the websites of the organisations you have identified as useful and see if they suggest any other sites to visit. Document the following in your knowledge network document:
a) The site address and name of the site
b) A description of the organisation whose site it is and why you think the site is useful
c) A paragraph summerising any information you found on this site that you think will help you with your Change Project.

Section E: Questions and knowledge

Go back to your questions that you identified at the end of Assignment one and during Module 2. Write what information you have found out from your knowledge search that will help you answer these questions. Don’t be surprised if talking to people has generated more questions. If this is the case make a note of these too. Remember to reference where the information you are using comes from.

Section F: Reflection and Learning

Reflect on your search for knowledge resources and networks by answering the following questions:

a) What advice would I give someone else who was looking for information about a particular practice? Do I have any questions about how to go about searching for knowledge resources?
b) What did I find useful about this exercise?
c) What did I find challenging about this exercise.

Submit your assignment to Jane no later than 5th June 2015.