Developing a management practice for a catchment forum

I’m trying to develop a management practice by supporting a forum and also trying to get this forum to monitor the river but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Let me think about this. First of all there are two practices here:

  1. the stewardship practice of monitoring and,
  2. A management practice, supporting a forum. Let me think about the management practice first.

Are there any problems with what is being done? (doings)
Yes, we don’t provide a transport service for certain stakeholders and because of this they are excluded. These are the stakeholders that we really want to get involved in our monitoring programme.

Are there any problems with what is being said. (sayings)
Yes, the Department of water and sanitation (DWS) describe this forum as an organisation that the Catchment Mangement Agency (CMA) consults about water management issues and yet local people describe it as a place where they bring up issues about water services. They complain that these issues are not addressed. The DWS say that a forum is not the place to bring up these issues. These two different groups disagree on the role of a forum and that is causing problems.

Are there any problems with relationships and networks (relatings)
This is a difficult one but there seems to be problems with the way the forum relates to other organisations that are responsible for water resource management. It doesn’t seem to have a formal role in water resource management. Also there is not a clear relationship between the purpose of a forum and support for the activities it could do, for example our monitoring programme. Finally I feel there may be a problem with how the municipality relates to the forum as they never come to meetings and when they do it is always a different person. They do not prioritise this relationship.

Ahh, I can see that this relationship problem between the municipality and the forum could have something to do with how the forum is described (sayings). Local people see the forum as a dealing with water service issues, DWS does not. This may be why the municipality does not see the value of the forum as a place to resolve water service delivery issues. Maybe that is also why we are not getting funds for transport for rural people as their main concerns are water service delivery (doings).