James’ story

Steven’s salon


Steven is Nigerian nationalist and he has been in Du Noon since 2011 he decided to open his salon in front the house that he is renting and he needed water to run his business in order for him to put bread on the table for his family and many of the household have water management devices (WMD) and due to the fact that these devices are not functioning effectively, this affects the community because they cannot get a reliable water supply.

Doings: To run his business he had to connect the pipe from the landlord’s house and he had to connect wire for power supply for heating water. He had to hire a Welder to cover the drain with a piece of flat iron so that it does not get blocked by the dirty things that are thrown negligently by the people. This does not end here as he had to build a corrugated shack and buy burglars in order to secure his business.


Sayings: Steven says connecting water and electricity is not an easy thing to do as there is high cost involved. He says he is very happy about his business as is not easy for foreign nationals to get employment. Steven is worried about the installation of water management device as it will affect his business. Steven also have a lot say about the municipality. He says municipality should fix leaks and educate people about the water wastage and pollution.

Relatings: In order to access water Steve has to rely on his landlord and to persuade members of the community not to throw dirty things in the drain. He also needed to speak to community leaders to speak with the local councilor so that there must be a space for emerging small business in this township.