Using photographs and maps when developing stories with people

Support materials: Context and Camera 

To develop stories with people you can use maps or photographs. It sometimes helps people to talk about a practice if they have a visual cue. A map is useful as people can point out where they live, where the problem lies and trace how it effects the landscape.

Here is a photograph of Derick du Toit from the NGO, the Association of Water and Rural Development talking to people about their practices using a map of the Olifants catchnment.

derick and map


Photographs are also useful as they help people to start talking about the context. By putting the picture in the middle of a piece of paper you and whomever you are speaking to can ask yourselves what do I see in this photograph and what lies outside this photograph that may influence what you can see in the photograph.

context & photos.001
Here is an example of a woman from Cata with her rainwater tanks. Nina Rivers from Rhodes University used this photograph to develop a story of context and practice. with the woman and her children.